Netflix announces a “Basic” plan with advertising

It was something that many were waiting for and it has now become official. Netflix has announced the arrival of a new cheaper subscription plan with advertising. As confirmed by the company, this new “Basic with ads” plan has everything people love about Netflix at a more affordable price with some ads. Basic with Ads goes official just six months after Netflix announced its plans to launch a new, more affordable ad-supported plan. This new plan will be available from November 10 and will be priced from $6.99 per month and aims both to retain the flight of current users and to attract a new wave of new customers.

What changes in the new Basic plan with ads?

Netflix wanted to detail what changes and what does not change in this new plan compared to the experience we are used to What does not change: A huge variety of incredible series and movies; personalized viewing experience; availability on a wide range of televisions and mobile devices in the home; and change or cancel the plan at any time. What’s different: Up to 720p/HD video quality (now on both the Basic with Ads and Basic plans); an average of 4-5 minutes of commercials per hour; there will be a limited number of movies and series not available due to licensing restrictions, which we are working on; and it is not possible to download titles.

Launch in 12 countries

Netflix has detailed that at the time of launch, the ads will last 20 seconds and will be seen at the beginning of the series and movies, and during their reproduction. This plan will be released in 11 other countries in addition to Spain: Germany, Australia, Brazil, Canada, South Korea, the United States, France, Italy, Japan, Mexico, and the United Kingdom.


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