Musk proposes all verified Twitter users pay $8 a month

The world’s most successful businessman and Twitter’s new owner Elon Musk is of the opinion the current system of verification for Twitter is similar to an old-fashioned caste system and that the best approach to address it is to let anyone get verified… for as the person has eight dollars in your account each month.

Musk tweeted another unplanned strategy on Tuesday to try to repair his new and loved platform. The tweet contains a few nuggets of information that expand on other leaks and comments from his. Sources anonymous with access to the matter clarified that Musk would like to charge $20 per month to get the blue checkmark which is sought-after by a small percentage of Twitter users (and therefore resented by many).

The cost of spending $8 per month will ensure you a higher rank on Twitter’s algorithm. The Twitter algorithm, and will be given “priority” in comments, mentions as well as results from searches. Users who are verified can also post longer audio and video posts and receive “half as many advertisements.” Musk claimed that the move is intended to tackle bots and “spam/scam.”

A few minutes prior, Musk tweeted a response to the famous horror writer Stephen King, where the author expressed his displeasure over the suggested price of $20 per month. King tweeted “Fuck that they’re supposed to pay me. If it becomes lawful I’ll be like Enron.” Musk responded “We need to pay for the bills somewhere!” and suggested the 8-dollar figure, which is now semi-official. King did not reply to Musk however the billionaire explained that having people pay to verify their identity was “the only way to stop bots and trolling.”

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In addition, the new Twitter owner stated that the revenue will be utilized to “reward creators of content.” This is a fascinating idea in light of the fact that if 25% of verified users were to pay Twitter $20 for their blue checkmark the company could earn around $24 million. Twitter is already using certain methods that allow creators of content to make money. The cost for Super Follows monthly subscriptions can reach $ 9.99. Creators make 97% of the revenues below $50,000 and 20% over the price.

Super Follows wasn’t generating many revenues when they first came out in the media that were in circulation at the time. Twitter did not respond immediately to a request to comment on how much it’s made since the program’s creation however Sarah Personette, Twitter’s former chief customer officer, said she would be stepping down from her position on Friday following the Musk acquisition. This offers some clues.

Musk has also spoken of his plans to revive the short-form video platform Vine which could provide another way for content creators to make money. The issue is that having users pay for verification could change the system to something not in line with the original purpose. Verification labels are intended to stop disinformation and hinder individuals from appearing to be public officials, regardless of whether they are celebrities, politicians, or journalists. According to Zimbabwean journalist Hopewell Chin’ono says, verification is a method employed to deter dictatorships that are oppressive.

Following his tweets’ viral success, Musk added that “there will be a secondary label in the name of a person who is a prominent person like is the case for politicians.” Musk is famous for his controversial public comments and business-related decisions through Twitter however since he has consolidated his control over the platform, his routine thoughts have become an obstacle to the future of his preferred Social Media platform. the. On Tuesday, the hashtag #AMessageToElonMusk was trending on Twitter Many users were unhappy with his recent behavior.


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