Layoffs begin at Amazon as the tech giant cuts corporate and tech workers

Layoffs begin at Amazon as the tech giant cuts corporate and tech workers

Amazon has been the latest to be caught in the crisis technology companies all over the globe are facing. According to the New York Times, the company that was founded by Jeff Bezos will lay off 10,000 employees around the world. Names of those being laid off will be derived from technological and corporate work.

This news comes on the heels of Bezos’s announcement that he would donate most of his fortune to charity in his lifetime, in a CNN interview broadcast Monday. When asked if he intended to give away the majority of his fortune in his lifetime, Bezos replied “yes”.

This is the first public pledge by the billionaire who was once the richest man on the planet. Bezos didn’t sign the “Giving Pledge,” a 2010 initiative by Bill Gates and investor Warren Buffet that encourages millionaires not to give less than half their wealth to charity.

Amazon is not the only company that will join the wave of layoffs in the technology sector over the past months. This week, the company will complete this without 10,000 employees in corporate and technical positions. This would mark the largest job reduction in the history of the technology giant.

Sources close to the matter say that the workforce reduction will be primarily focused on Amazon’s device unit (including the Alexa voice assistant), as well as its retail division, and human resources.

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Facebook, Twitter

It seems that the end year is crushing a few companies that have enjoyed years of success and exponential growth, but they are now paving the way to what appears to be the coming economic crisis. Most important over the past decade.

Amazon is not the only company that is undergoing a wave of workforce adjustments. Meta, the company which owns Facebook and WhatsApp, announced Wednesday that it would lay off 13% of its workforce. This is in an attempt to cut costs.

This is the largest job loss in the company’s 18-year history. It also coincides with the layoffs that are being done by other companies in this sector, such as Twitter, which, after Elon Musk’s arrival, has also started to reduce the number of jobs or Microsoft.

Musk, specifically, has given permission to adjust 50% of the company’s workforce. The company, which had approximately 7,500 workers from around the globe before the arrival of the tycoon, is now down to just 7.500. He has had to leave Spain without nearly 100% of his workers. They were informed via email about the end of their employment relationship a few days before.


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