7 Cool WhatsApp Tricks Probably you didn’t know

7 Cool WhatsApp Tricks Probably you didn’t know

There are more than one billion WhatsApp users around the world at present. What’s the worst part? Your mother has already found her new favorite way to reach you. The best part? You can stay clear of her from being a tad sexy And that’s only one of many hidden WhatsApp techniques you may not know about.

From removing the WhatsApp “last seen” feature to saving messages you do not want to lose There is a myriad of ways to make your favorite IM application more effective than ever before. It’s all about being aware.

  • Record an audio message without long pressing the audio button. 
  • Add an image from your device gallery as chat wallpaper. 
  • Useful WhatsApp keyboard shortcuts. 
  • Insert an emoji without using the mouse (WhatsApp Web)
  • Use more than one WhatsApp account on the same computer (WhatsApp Web)

Which are some of the excellent WhatsApp tips?

Send messages and messages using a keyboard.

WhatsApp Users can make messages with no typing because of Siri and Google Assistant. Although Android phone users can use Google Assistant to send messages, iPhone users can send messages via Siri. Digital assistants can interpret your WhatsApp messages for you.

What are the Whatsapp secrets?

Top 30 WhatsApp Secret Features Tips and Tricks you Should be aware of by 2020

  • Remove WhatsApp group videos and photos from the gallery. 
  • Remove the message once you have sent it. 
  • You can read private messages deleted by WhatsApp. 
  • Share live location (real-time)
  • Limit the amount of data that WhatsApp uses. WhatsApp. 
  • Note the letter down and then easily search for it in the future.

How can I make use of WhatsApp secretly?

For Android, you can tap the three dots on the right-hand side of the screen and then select Settings. For iOS, Tap the Settings option on the left. Select Account> Privacy, and you’ll see the Last Seen option. Tap it and switch it to Everyone, My Contacts, or No One depending on the preference.

What are you supposed to not conduct in WhatsApp?

Things to stop doing on WhatsApp to ensure your safety

  • Eliminate unneeded contacts from your contacts list. 
  • Do not let anyone look at your WhatsApp profile photo. 
  • Don’t share WhatsApp status with anyone. 
  • Don’t let anyone join you on WhatsApp groups. 
  • Add “2-Step Verification” PIN. 
  • Allow automatic download of all media files downloaded from WhatsApp. 
  • Deleting the automatic backup of chats.

Who is stalking me on my WhatsApp?

WhatsApp does not come with an option that defaults to track who visited my WhatsApp profile. A few WhatsApp applications for viewing profile photos are on the market, and they claim they can track who has seen my WhatsApp profile, but unfortunately, they aren’t efficient.

Does WhatsApp use to cheat?

Cheaters can use various social media platforms such as Snapchat, Whatsapp, or Facebook Messenger to send messages to someone engaging in sexual sex without their partner being aware. Are cheaters using WhatsApp? Cheaters can make use of Whatsapp to send an SMS or message directly to someone they’re using to cheat on their phone.

How can I remove myself from someone else’s WhatsApp?

One of the most straightforward ways to get rid of one of the most accessible options is to delete your WhatsApp account and uninstall the application, and after that, reinstall the app and create the account again. The process of deleting and creating a report from scratch does work for most users. It could be life-saving when you get blocked by someone you know of.

How can I tell whether someone is monitoring my messages on WhatsApp?

WhatsApp: Who saw Me runs on Android 2.3 and above. It comes with an easy-to-navigate interface. Download and install it, after which you can open the application and select the “SCAN” button. Let It run for a couple of seconds, and it will show the people who have viewed your Whatsapp profile within the last 24 hours.

How do you know whether someone is online on WhatsApp without opening the chat?

Choose the contact. After you have launched WhatsApp and you’d like to see if someone has a last online presence without giving blue ticks that appear on the text, you must press the contact’s name first, then select the connection.

Contact us.

Find the last sighting of the person. 

Please return to our chat lists.

How do I talk via WhatsApp without having to be online?

How do you cover up WhatsApp online status

Start WhatsApp for the iPhone as well as Android.

Choose “Settings” in the drop-down menu located at the lower right of the page. 

In Settings, choose “Account.” 

On the Account page, look for and click “Privacy.” 

Click “Last Seen” to change your status on the internet.

Can you remain completely private when using WhatsApp?

For the Android phone: Open WhatsApp menu (the three dots on the upper right) settings > account > privacy > last seen. Here you can alter the settings to ensure that this information is made available to all, but only to those on your contact list, or not to anyone else at all.

Can I remain anonymous via WhatsApp?

You can secretly use WhatsApp without disclosing your number. It’s a fantastic option to protect your mobile number.


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