15 Top Free Music Websites to Download the Latest Songs Legitimately in 2023

15 Top Free Music Websites to Download the Latest Songs Legitimately in 2023

Professional medics are in accord that music helps to minimize blood pressure and enhances one’s sleep quality. Fortunately, people can capitalize on free music websites to get good quality music to listen to during their leisure time.

This review will disclose the best free music download sites for Android phones and iPhones.

The Best 15 Free Music Download Websites in 2023

Here is a list of the top 15 music sites that one can rely on to download their favorite music.

1. Beatstars

The best free music download sites for Android phones must have song tracks of different genres. Beatstars has music types such as R&B, rock, and pop song tracks of any artist one likes. The good news is that one is free to download the Beatstars app to download any song conveniently.

Steps for Downloading Free Music on BeatStars

BeatStars usually sends the free song track to a user’s email address. Therefore, you will need to submit your official name and email address. Next,search for your favorite song and select the free download option.

Users need not worry as this platform allows one to get free music audio legally. However, some songs may not be available for free streaming or download.


Tolgar and Tanju Canli invented this download website in 1997 to help users download different music genres. Here, a user can access over 100,000 entertaining Hip-hop, Rock, and pop music tracks.

Additionally, one can download good quality jazz, country, and Latin music tracks of any artist they like. The beauty of this site is that it provides access to these tracks for free and legitimately.

Steps for Downloading Free Music on SoundClick

SoundClicks demand that users create an account to download any royalty-free music track. After that, you will need to navigate to the free download section. They will access multiple songs and a download link on the right part of each song track.

3. Bandcamp

Bandcamp is a user-friendly website that provides free and paid music to music fans for streaming and downloading. This music site features a fast search functionality that enables one to search for their favorite song by typing the artist or music name. Potential users must know that BandCamp strictly provides music audio.

Steps for Downloading Free Music on Bandcamp

A music fan should start by downloading the latest IDM on their PC. After that, he should visit Bandcamp’s official website and search for their song. They will then need to click the ‘Play’ option.

Finally, click the IDM download link immediately after it pops up and select their preferred version.

3. Musopen

Musopen is a popular site that hosts multiple music tracks for users to download on their tablets or Android phones. Additionally, online users can go to the radio section to stream their preferred radio stations for free. The best part is that Musopen also has a mobile app for quick music streaming and downloading.

Steps for Downloading Free Music on Musopen

A user must visit the Musopen website and click the login icon to get the signup option for account creation. You must submit a password, first name, and last name to complete the signup process. After that, click the music option and scroll to the search bar to enter any music track.

Click the download icon on the right section below your favorite song track. In most cases, each music audio is approximately 10-15 Mbs.


ReverbNation is among the best free music download sites, with thousands of music tracks. This music site has diverse  songs, such as Hip Hop, Jazz, and Bollywood tracks. However, all users must click the ‘Join’ option to sign up on this music download platform.

Steps for Downloading Free Music on ReverbNation

Users can download music audio, or videos on ReverbNation or on their mobile app. However, such a user can only access a few song tracks than a membership fan.

5. YouTube

Over two billion (2B) people visit YouTube to watch podcasts, stream music, or download their best music videos. Artists freely post their songs on this platform for their fans to download and stream them. Users can rely on IDM to download any music video they like to their computer. YouTube hosts diverse types of music, such as Hip Hop, gospel, and country music.

Steps for Downloading Free Music on YouTube

Music fans can install an internet download manager (IDM) on their PC before downloading a songs. Alternatively, they can depend on YouTube downloaders like SaveFrom or X2Download to get the song tracks. However, they will have to copy the download link from YouTube and paste it on the downloader.

6. Amazon Music

Today, Amazon Music is among the best royalty-free music download sites for music lovers. Luckily for many, Amazon provides different genres such as soul, country, and Reggae to make music access easier.

Steps for Downloading Free Music on Amazon Music

One must sign up to access all the songs hosted on this free music download platform. Secondly, they can search for any music track using the search functionality. After that, they’ll follow the instructions to display the free download link.

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7. Spinrilla

Spinrilla tops the list of the best free music download sites, as it has a ‘Trending Songs’ section. Unlike other sites, Spinrilla has audio and music videos to ensure your music listening experience unforgettable. All users must create an account to stream or download any music.

Steps for Downloading Free Music on Spinrilla

This ads-free website allows you search for your best music for quick downloading. Contrary to other platforms, Spinrilla allows one to download single or multiple song tracks at ago.

8. Free Music Archive

Free Music Archive is the most famous music download platform with hundreds of songs. It has tracks of genres, such as Country, R&B, and Blues. The good news is that it has multiple filters like duration and instrumental for easy searching.

Unlike other sites, FMA hosts music mixes to help fans enjoy multiple songs. Users must note that they can only get MP3 songs for free download.

Steps for Downloading Free Music on Free Music Archive

A music fan can search for any song track by typing the artist’s name or the song on the search bar. Once you get your preferred song click the ‘save audio as’ option to start the automatic download.

9. Sound Cloud

Sound Cloud is the largest free music site with  300+ million popular song tracks. It features a trending section that lists all the new and most listened-to songs by international musicians. A user can visit this platform to download free music and some entertaining podcasts.

Steps for Downloading Free Music on SoundCloud

Step 1 involves creating an account to download a song track. Fortunately, Sound Clouds allow one to create an account with Apple, FB, or Gmail. After that, log in to your account and search for your favorite song. Select the download link directly below the waveform.

10. Tubidy

Tubidy is a music download site for users that prefer MP3 or MP4 song downloads. Users can also stream any movie they like, provided they have a stable internet connection.

Interestingly, Tubidy also features a ‘Top’ videos section that shows popular songs or movies. Therefore, one can download  MP3 or MP4 music files much more quickly.

Steps for Downloading Free Music on Tubidy

Tubidy features a search bar on the top-right section of the platform. Therefore, music fans can search for any song they like for streaming or downloading. The next step is to select MP3 or MP4 option before clicking the download icon beneath the ‘ACTION’ category.

11. Audiomack

Audiomack is the most preferred site for downloading songs, albums, and entertaining mixtapes. A fan can search any song track by its name or  artist’s name. The platform displays mixes based on categories, like gospel, Caribbean, and Afro-sounds.

It also features a ‘Now Trending’ section on the home page to help users download popular songs quickly.

Steps for Downloading Free Music on Audiomack

Users can only download songs using the Audiomack mobile app. Therefore, you should download this mobile app and search for any song track you wish. After that, navigate to the download section to start this process, provided you have adequate phone storage space.

12. Epidemic Sound

Epidemic Sound is among the best royalty-free music download sites available in 2023. A new user can enjoy a free trial for 30 days by streaming or downloading some entertaining songs. Available genres include pop, classical, and acoustic to accommodate many music fans.

Epidemic Sound has a personal  plan that costs each member $9 monthly. A  plan member can download multiple songs and podcasts and publish any song track they create.

Steps for Downloading Free Music on Epidemic Sound

A new user must create an account using Google or Apple account details, such as email address and password. Afterwards, search for your favorite song track and click the three dots next to the song to reveal the download option.

13. Boomplay

Boomplay is an incredible download platform for local and international music audio and videos. It has songs of different genres like Afropop, Dancehall, and Rap music. An online user can stream or download any song or playlist for free.

Steps for Downloading Free Music on Boomplay

Step one is to search for a song track by typing it into the search bar by music name. Click the 3-dot icon on the song to display the menu. After that, choose your preferred video quality and download.

14. Audionautix

Audionautix is an excellent platform for Jason Show’s fans as it hosts his songs for free. Interestingly, one can download any of his songs from this site for personal or commercial purposes.

It classifies songs into genres such as Jazz, Blues, and Country music. Additionally, users can enjoy music genres, including gospel and rock music.

Steps for Downloading Free Music on Audionautix

One only has to type the song title, select the music genre and click the ‘Find Music’ option. Next, they should click the ‘Download Mp3’ link below the mood details.


IndiaMP3 is the right platform for downloading free Hindi songs of musicians like Anurati Roy and Ariji Singh. It features a search tool to helps one to get a song track by artist or song title. This platform is only for MP3 music files that do not exceed 10 Mbs.

IndiaMP3 stands out as it provides essential facts like song size, lyrics, and song category. Further, the homepage features a long list of newly added Hindi and Punjabi songs.

Steps for Downloading Free Music on IndiaMP3

A new user will have to search for the song and click it. Afterward, scroll down and click the ‘Download’ link to start this process.


1. Do I need a VPN to download Songs from a Free Music Download Site?

No, you don’t! All these platforms allow one to download any available song track legally. Luckily, each site features a search bar to help you get any song you want by artist or track name. However, the beauty of using a VPN is  that it hides your identity online.

2. Are Free Music Download Platforms Really Safe?

Yes, they are! They all rely on HTTPS protocol that authenticates a user. Additionally, the best free music download sites have a signup requirement. However, one should connect to a secured Wi-Fi to protect their login details and search history.

3. Does Jamendo allow one to download new Song Tracks for Free?

Yes, it does! Jamendo Music has over 6000 royalty-free song tracks of diverse globally-renowned artists. Therefore, one can navigate to the ‘search music’ section to access any MP3 song they like. However, new users rely on their Facebook or Google account to download free mixes.

4. Are there Sites that Support Offline Music Downloads?

Yes, there are! Users can leverage any of the best free music download sites offline to get any song track they like. Some of the top song apps include Musify, Pulsar, and Rocket Player. Therefore, you can download it to your Android or iPhone and download your most liked songs.

5. Is it Possible to download free Song Tracks on Spotify?

No, it isn’t! Spotify only allows one to download podcasts for free. Therefore, fans must subscribe to a monthly plan to stream or download song tracks. A basic membership plan goes for $9.99 each month.

6. What Types of Songs Can I download from Last.fm?

Last.fm has all music genres, such as Hip Hop, Country, and Rock. Therefore, you can type your song track name or the artist to search for it directly. Additionally, the platforms also list all the trending songs for their users.


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