How to put music in a TikTok video

Music has become a key element when it comes to sharing content on social networks. Platforms like TikTok have made video essential, and a video without music makes little sense. If you are new to the application, you will wonder how to do what you see in other videos, putting music, dialogues or different sounds to them.

TikTok has more than 800 million users worldwide. Viral videos and challenges, combined with humorous videos, come together in an endless succession. Adding music to videos is essential to make them more complete. This is something that we can do in different ways, depending on the video type we will share.

Putting music to a TikTok video

The first option to put music in a video is something that the platform itself does automatically. It does so thanks to its algorithm and generally chooses one of the most popular songs. This way, we can load a previously recorded video and touch the “Sounds” option at the bottom. Then we will see several song options to choose from quickly.

One of the most popular formulas is to do it while we dance with the most popular TikTok challenges. We will only have to give the + button at the bottom and click on “Add Sound”. Then we will be in front of a tab filled with a huge number of songs and sounds. Simply choose or search for the desired one to add it to the video.

Although the TikTok sound and music database is huge, we can always add our own sounds stored on our mobile. We must follow the same steps as above, but when selecting the sound we will have to click on “My Sound”. It is there where we can dive through the files of our mobile to find the desired sound, audio, or song.


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