Google’s New Archive Feature Allows Users To Free Up Storage

Google’s New Archive Feature Allows Users To Free Up Storage

Android app archiving functionality to free up 60% space is called “Archiving,” It will allow you to delete parts of the program instead of uninstalling it completely.

We often uninstall applications and programs from our mobile terminals to gain the necessary storage space to install other apps.

Google engineers have something to say about it because the tech giant reveals that it is working on a tool to reduce the space required by these programs by up to 60%.

 The feature is called Archiving and will allow segments of “software” to be removed rather than completely uninstalled from a device.

Don’t neglect any app

Lidia Gaymond and Vicki Amin, Product Managers of Google Play, have detailed the general characteristics of this “archive” system in the Android developer blog.

They state that users uninstall several applications to free up memory space on their smartphones to install new programs. Instead of uninstalling an app, users will be able to archive it, which temporarily frees up space and allows the app to operate quickly and easily, they explain.

On a functional level, “Archiving” will allow users to temporarily reclaim around 60% of the app’s storage by removing parts of the app instead of completely uninstalling it. The archived app will remain on the device and restored automatically based on the latest supported version of the app.

Those responsible for the tool explain that archiving will provide significant benefits to both users and developers once launched. Instead of uninstalling an app, users could “archive” it, temporarily free up space, and quickly and easily reactivate it.

Developers can also benefit from fewer uninstall processes with substantially less friction when getting apps back on track.

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Archive as a method to take up less space

The tool will be available to Android developers. “With the next version being Bundletool, 1.10 and making archiving available to all developers using App Bundles. For apps built with Android Gradle Plugin 7.3, we will start generating a new type of APK: “Archived APK,” Gaymond and Amin detail.

The “Archived APKs” is much lighter, and, together with the essential elements for the program recovery, they also keep the user’s data until the application is restored. 

While we are starting to build Archived APKs now, they will not be operational until the functionality is released to consumers later this year. Their arrival will help us avoid unnecessary uninstalls and, ultimately, get more out of our devices.


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