8 Easy Ways to Handle an Emergency Situation

8 Easy Ways to Handle an Emergency Situation

Ever wonder if you would be prepared to deal with a major power crisis?  To help you out, we’ve put together a list of 8 tools you’ll appreciate having in the event of a major power outage:

1. First Aid Kit

When preparing for an emergency, it is a top priority to get a small kit that contains all the necessary medical supplies to attend to any unexpected injuries. But above all, and even more important than having these materials, is knowing how to use them.

This can save your life or someone in your family.

You should also keep in mind that, in the worst case, you will not have access to medicines, and remember that there are some prescription drugs that cannot be bought on a whim and in industrial quantities. Therefore, you have to be prepared for that eventuality. Especially if there are elderly people, children, or dependent people in your house.

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2. Emergency Radio

Telephone lines and television signals will be cut during a major blackout. and in this situation, our best ally will be a radio.

Being up to date with official communications, weather reports, knowing which health centers are collapsed, etc. will become essential during an emergency situation. Therefore, it is important that we have a tool that allows us to be aware of everything that happens outside our homes.

There are many radios on the market that could be perfectly effective in a situation like this, but there are some radios that are specifically designed for this type of eventuality. Not only do they allow a greater number of frequencies to be reached, but they also have a dynamo to manually charge the device, they include a flashlight, USB chargers, they are prepared to use batteries. They even contemplate the possibility of making emergency signals with her.

3. Multipurpose shovels

This curious utensil will save you from carrying different work tools (such as a pick, a shovel, an axe, which are usually very heavy and very uncomfortable to transport. Having a multipurpose shovel will avoid this problem because with it you will be able to do all the jobs that you previously had to do with different utensils.

At first, this tool was intended for military use; to dig trenches, cut down trees, and solve any problem that the soldier might have. But now, this product has found the perfect fit in the civilian world.

His versatility and stamina can be a huge advantage at a critical moment.

4. Flashlight

Needless to say, without electricity, there will be no chance of hitting the switch. For this reason, we must distribute several light sources in different places in our home, so that we always know where we are walking… and in this way, we avoid accidents.

When choosing a flashlight, there are many aspects to consider: do you have a dynamo to charge it manually? Do I prefer a direct light or an ambient light? How long will the battery last ? Will it be manageable enough to operate with it comfortably?.

Devoting a little time to thinking about these types of issues that may now seem banal to us, maybe what defines how we face a complicated situation.

5. Emergency blankets

The isothermal blankets will serve to protect us from both the cold and the heat.

The plastic fabric from which it is made is not only very thin, and therefore very easy to transport, but it is also very resistant. These blankets are designed so that we can use them in two different ways: the gold side protects from the cold, and the silver side protects from the heat, reflecting the sun’s rays.

In addition, we can give other different uses to this small tool: it is reflective, which can be useful for sending emergency signals; it is waterproof, so it is perfect to use as a poncho; and it is also very resistant, which makes it suitable for carrying weight.

6. Lighters

Smokers should have this problem solved… but not everyone has the misfortune to be “hooked”. What can play against him when what prevails is the need to make fire. But luckily this is easy to fix:

There are many options, there are wick, gas, gasoline lighters, there are also electric, piston,… even matches may be the best for you or, if you want no fuel or supply to be necessary, you can also get a flint.

7. Water purification tablets

It is not possible to survive more than three days without water.

If you have not been farsighted enough, it is likely that you will find yourself in a desperate situation due to the difficulty in obtaining drinking water. Therefore, it is important to have pills or tablets to make water drinkable. There are many trusted brands on the market. One pack can contain up to 50 pills, which typically have a 2-year shelf life. But remember: follow the manufacturer’s instructions, because if not consumed properly, these substances can be toxic and dangerous.

8. Electric generator

It may seem obvious, but in the event of a major power outage, it is best to get a device that is capable of generating electricity.

There are two main models: stationary and portable.

Fixed electric generators are permanently connected to the electrical system of your home, and are designed to be sustained by other fuel sources, such as propane or diesel. But they are very expensive and require professional installation. So perhaps the best option for you is a portable generator, which is cheaper and easier to use.

With one of these, you will be assured of a continuous supply of energy.


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