Top 10 Free Movie Download Websites to Watch Legally

Top 10 Free Movie Download Websites to Watch Legally

Most countries, like Canada and USA, have banned torrent sites to thwart the downloading of illegitimate content. Given this, most internet service providers have blocked access to all torrent sites provided one is within the restricted geographical regions. However, TV show lovers can go to any free movie download site for streaming or download HD shows.

Features of Most Free Movie Download Sites

(i)             Sign-up Functionality

A visitor can create an account to access some of these websites. However, this requirement isn’t mandatory on most movie platforms.

(ii)           Search Functionality

All ten sites feature a search bar to help website visitors access any movie in minutes. However, one must know the correct TV show to download it directly.

(iii)          Various Film Genres

These movie platforms present entertaining content in categories such as action, crime, and thriller. This classification makes it easier for web visitors to get their favorite movies quickly. Some people enjoy a specific genre of movies or TV shows.

(iv)         Social Media Attachments

All these free movie download platforms feature social media attachments at the bottom. Therefore, a visitor can click it to get notifications of updates on new movie uploads on the site’s social media pages.

(v)           Mobile friendly

These TV show websites have a highly responsive design, making them mobile-friendly. Therefore, a movie fan can stream this movie using an internet-enabled smartphone.

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The Best 10 Free Movie Download Sites in 2023

An ardent movie fan can go to any of the following websites to freely download a movie. However, they must first install Internet Download Manager (IDM) on their PC to download the shows speedily.

The following are the most popular free movie download platforms in 2023.

1.    Best Popular Site: Soap2day

An undisclosed tech-savvy web developer created Soap2day for users in 2018. Initially, the owner designed this movie site to help fans to stream any movie or TV series they like.

It classifies movies by year and genre to enable one to access any TV series they like. Some of the most famous TV shows available include Creed, Missing, and Scream VI.


  • Ads-free
  • No buffering
  • Updates new episodes daily
  • Multiple movie genres
  • Lists trending TV shows
  • Updated Halloween movies


  • Too slow

2.    Best for Multiple Movie Varieties: YesMovies

YesMovies is a widely-known movie site that arranges TV shows into categories; action, crime, and thriller. Therefore, one can get the movie by clicking the respective movie genre.

Alternatively, a TV show fan can type the movie name on the search to access it more quickly. Click the IDM download link to initiate the process. YesMovies has the latest movie and TV series section that provides new releases.

Also, the platform features a Top IMDb section with all the highly rated TV shows such as Magic Mike, Young Sheldon, and Blackish.


  • Diverse genres
  • Ads-free
  • Hosts movies from different countries
  • Zero buffering
  • No obligatory login requirement
  • It has a search bar
  • It features multiple TV shows
  • YesMovies has musical TV shows


  • It doesn’t showcase the list of popular shows

3.    Best for Good Quality Movies: Gomovies

GoMovies is a free movie download site that is safe and legal in multiple countries worldwide. Millions of movie fans visit this site to stream or download 720p and 1080p movies and TV shows.

It features a menu bar on the top-left section that enables one to access genre, movies, and TV shows options. Available movie genres include Kids, Comedy, and Thrillers, making it a perfect movie site for viewers of all ages.

This movie site features an IMDb section to help viewers see the most highly rated movies.


  • No login requirement
  • No buffering
  • Multiple TV show genres
  • It has a search bar
  • Android App is available for smartphone users


  • It doesn’t list new TV show episodes

4.    Best for TV Shows: Cmovies

Cmovies is a popular site that offers multiple movies, TV series, and TV shows. It provides movies from 13  countries, including the United Kingdom, France, and the United States.

Cmovies visitors can stream entertaining action, crime, and Sci-Fi TV series or download them using IDM. On average, each episode is approximately 42 to 43 minutes long. Fortunately, Cmovies provides six servers to ensure visitors can stream when either server is down.

Cmovies has a comment option below each platform’s video player. Therefore movie fans can submit honest reviews to benefit future website visitors.


  • Multiple server options
  • Free movie trailer links
  • Multiple annoying ads
  • No mandatory login requirement
  • Multiple TV series


  • Cmovies can’t function when the ad blocker is on.

5.    Best for Updated Movies: Bmovies

The modern Bmovies website provides all the latest movies and TV shows for all potential visitors. It features a menu bar to facilitates access to trending movies and the newest TV episodes.

Therefore, one can keep watching any irresistible TV show, such as Blacklist  from Season 1. Additionally, the movie site features an IMDb section that provides the most highly-rated movies and TV series.

The older version of B-movies has a Trending section that displays the most popular shows. One can peruse the description of each movie they like to download the TV show that captivates them the most.


  • Functional search bar
  • Multiple movies
  • Updates new episodes daily
  • Comprehensive movie description
  • Discloses the release dates


  • No TV show genres
  • Poor video quality
  • Some movies are unavailable on the Bmovies platform

6.    Best for downloading by Genre: AZMovies

AZMovies is a safe movie website that provides popular TV shows and movies for free download. This platform allows searching for a movie by genre or the year of release. Available movie genres include comedy, family, and horror.

Fortunately, this platform has a ‘TV show’ option that directs visitors to top-rated TV series, such as The Punisher and The Good Doctor. Further, AZMovies features a ‘Recently Added’ section that offers new TV episodes.


  • It offers old and new movies
  • Free war movies
  • Free animations for kids
  • Well-detailed TV show description


  • No free trailer
  • Too many adverts

7.    Best for Hollywood Movies: Plex

Plex is a highly-rated movie site that provides top movies from countries like France, Kenya, and the UK. Fortunately, this movie site categorizes TV shows into genres, like comedy, reality, and music.

Interestingly, Plex provides free links to live television channels. Therefore, one can stream TV channels like Bambu, Asian Crush, and AFTV Family. The platform features a ‘Most popular’ section that provides all the most in-demand TV shows.

Finally, one can sign up to protect their watch history and access links to the movies they’re watching currently.


  • Efficient search bar functionality
  • Diverse movie categories
  • 20,000+ movies and TV series
  • Updates new episodes instantaneously


  • It doesn’t update movies regularly
  • Too many old movies
  • Compulsory login requirement

8.    Best Fast Download Site:123Movies

123Movies is the most preferred platform for the latest HD movies. Surprisingly, the platform has 52 movie genres like History, war, and Sci-Fi. Additionally, 123Movies provides movies from nearly 90 countries: namely, Mexico, UK, and Sweden.

The beauty of this TV show platform is that visitors don’t have to create an account to stream or download a movie. It has a search field on the top-right section for quick web searching of a TV show.


  • No subscription required
  • Multiple Bollywood movies
  • Free high-quality movies
  • No sign-up requirement
  • Many popular Hollywood movies


  • No movie trailers

9.    Best free movie site: SolarMovie

Unlike most platforms, SolarMovie offers a genre for movies and a separate one for TV series. Common categories include Horror, Sci-Fi, and Romance. SolarMovie has various popular TV series like Babel, Lucky Tank, and Shadow and Bone.

The search bar on this movie site saves visitors time as they can access their favorite movie in seconds. Visitors can stream any TV show released from 2000 to 2023 for free.

Finally, the platform releases essential details such as:

  1. Release date
  2. Movie duration
  3. Movie genre
  4. Production country
  5. List of the movie’s actors and actresses


  • Features the latest movies
  • Free movie description
  • Free movie rating section
  • No annoying adverts
  • Short movie trailer


  • No popular movies section
  • Too much buffering

10. Best for the latest TV shows: FMovies

FMovies is a popular platform with movies and TV shows produced from the 1990s to 2023. The movies are from different countries like Japan, France, and the United Kingdom.

The beauty of FMovies is that it discloses a movie or TV series’ IMDB rating. Therefore, visitors can know the best movie to download without watching the trailer.

It features a search icon on the top-right section of the platform for searching for any movie directly.

Lastly, the platform has an exclusive description of each TV show, including the key actors and the duration of each episode.


  • HD movies and TV series
  • It features a rating section
  • Good search functionality
  • Unrestricted comment section


  • No trailer


All these free movie download sites are suitable for streaming the latest TV shows or movies. However, one should consider downloading an Ad blocker extension on their browser. A premium ad blocker is more recommendable as it will allow web visitors to customize the ads as they, please.


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