New 13377X Proxy List for You in 2023

New 13377X Proxy List for You in 2023

Nowadays, nearly all movie platforms are premium, making it harder to access newer movies and episodes. Most countries have tightened their copyright laws, leading to the banning of most torrent websites.13377x Proxy is one of the few torrent sites available in most parts of the globe. Unfortunately, internet service providers (ISPs) in Australia and UK recently blocked it.

In light of this, we have a reliable list of alternative torrent sites to ensure you keep enjoying your favorite TV show. You can choose any of these sites or rely on a VPN to access the 13377x official website.

Top 13377x Torrent Site Alternatives in 2023

Feel free to access any of the following torrent sites if 13377x is unavailable in your location. You can utilize these sites to download sports matches, TV shows, and PC games. Cyber security experts advise web users to connect to a reliable virtual private network (VPN) to access these torrent sites.

Here is a list of the best 13377x mirror alternatives list.

1. Torlock-Best Updated 13377x Alternative

Torlock is highly reliable and features the freshest entertaining content, like movies. Fortunately, movies are arranged according to the year of release to make it easy to access them. For example, you can click on 2022 to get a list of TV shows released that year.

The beauty of this torrent site is that the home page features a list of the most recent episodes. Similarly, you can access the most recent music audio instead of paying for premium music apps like Spotify.

You can scroll downwards to access cracked software applications such as VPN or a PC cleaner.

2. YTS Proxy-Best Alternative for Hollywood TV shows

YTS Proxy has all the movies and TV series anybody would want to watch in 2023. You must click the ‘browse’ option to see all the available content for downloading purposes.

Alternatively, you can click the search icon to type your preferred content. Interestingly, YTS Proxy supports 720 and 1080 resolutions to ensure you enjoy better video quality. You can view crucial details such as movie description, director, and file size.

You can stream the movie by clicking the ‘Watch Now’ link below your TV show of choice. Unfortunately, YTS Proxy does not include movie trailers on its platform for users.

3. LimeTorrents-Best User-friendly 13377x Alternative

LimeTorrent is a user-friendly site with a wide range of entertaining content. For instance, you can download music, games, and the latest Hollywood movies. The beauty of this torrent site is that it has a ‘latest’ option that lists new TV show episodes. Further, it features a search bar to enable users to access their content of choice.

A user should turn on windows defender to get a notification of corrupted files. Unfortunately, the site may contain corrupted files: thus you should install VPN first.

4. Pirate Bay-Best Secure 13377x Proxy Alternative

Pirate Bay is among the oldest torrent site that is friendly to all web browsers. It hosts different types of content like TV shows, music, and PC applications. Additionally, users can access the newest games or adult content for free. You can click the top 100 to access the most popular movies in 2023. Kindly install the latest Utorrent version to download any content from Pirate Bay.

5. EZTV Torrent-Best Reliable 13377x Proxy

EZTV Torrent is a friendly site with the latest movies, such as action and crime. Additionally, you can download entertaining British or Hollywood TV shows within seconds. The site avails a ‘download’ option below each movie for quicker downloading. The best part is that this site features a YouTube trailer for each TV show.

Unfortunately, EZTV does not categorize movies into different sections. Further, it does not feature a search bar: hence you must go through the entire list. However, it classifies the TV series into multiple seasons and episodes for stress-free downloading.

6. Glo Torrents-Best Popular 13377x Alternative

Glo Torrent has multiple options on the left section for quicker web navigation. For example, you can click games, movies, or TV. Additional menu options include Apps, anime, and music. The beauty of Glo Torrents is that it has a ‘health’ section that helps users know how safe a given file is for them.

Unlike 13373x, this torrent site features a community forum to help you ask relevant questions. However, you must first register to create a post and receive replies from different site users.

7. Torrent Galaxy-Best New 13377x Alternative

TorrentGalaxy is a 4-year-old torrent site with multiple movies and an active community. It features a menu option on the top-right section that holds more alternatives. One can click the games, TV series, and music. Additionally, one can click the ‘movie’ option to go directly to the newest Hollywood movies.

Fortunately, TorrentGalaxy features a search option to make it easier to search for any content. Users can get free notifications of new uploads through Twitter, Facebook, or WhatsApp. The best part is that TorrentGalaxy does not keep buffering,  provided the Wi-Fi is stable.

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Unblocking 13377x Proxy with a VPN

Many ISPs block 13377x for many users as it hosts copyrighted content. Hence, one needs a highly rated VPN like NordVPN or Surfshark virtual private network. This service conceals a user’s internet protocol (IP) address to minimize all potential risks. Nowadays, most VPNs charge a pocket-friendly monthly fee of less than $14.

Here is how to unblock 13377x Proxy using a VPN.

  1. Start by downloading your favorite virtual private network for installation. We recommend a premium VPN to enjoy endless privacy.
  2. Open the VPN and follow the on-screen instructions to install the VPN to your PC successfully.
  3. Click the connect option to activate your VPN to your web browser. Please select a suitable country before the connection.
  4. Download your favorite content once the VPN connects

Using Tor Browser with 13377x Proxy Sites

A better alternative would be to rely on Tor Browse to download movies from torrent sites safely. Unlike other browsers, the Onion Router hides one’s internet protocol (IP) to warrant your online safety. The only unexciting reality is that the Tor browser is slightly slower than more popular browsers. Usually, this browser uses three layers of encryption so that a client request goes through various servers before sending a response.

Why Use 13377x Proxy Site?

Most movie websites are premium: thus clients must pay a monthly subscription fee to stream movies. Nowadays, TV show fans can visit free movie sites like 13377x to stream the latest Television shows. Of late, countries like Canada, the United States and Denmark have banned this movie site.

Fortunately, they can use a 13377x proxy to unblock this site by installing VPN or a Tor browser. One primary benefit of using this proxy is that it safeguards one’s search history by hiding the IP address.

How Do 13377x Proxies Work?

A proxy site is an exceptional gateway that acts as a bridge between a client (web user) and a particular destination site, such as a movie platform. When one requests the 1337x torrent website, it will be routed via the proxy server first. A good level of security will help to protect the user from tracking.


1. What Are the Features of 13377x Proxy?

13377x has different menu options, such as movies, music, and games. Additionally, you can access applications and documentaries. You should click the respective menu option to get the list you require.

Fortunately, 13377x Proxy has a ”Trending Today” option that unearths the most popular TV shows. It also discloses a brief movie description, including the language, category, and size.

2. Does 13377x contain popular documentaries?

Yes, it does! A web user can access this content beneath the browse torrent section. Click the documentary option to get the most popular documentaries available. Usually, the platform arranges this content from the most recent to the oldest one.

3. What content is available on 13377x Proxy?

13377x contains various content such as movies and TV series of different years. Apart from that, it has multiple games and PC applications. Additionally, a web user can download music or popular documentaries within a few seconds. A grownup can freely download adult content provided they use a suitable VPN.

4. What are some of the best alternatives to the 13377x site?

Nowadays, movie lovers can stream movies through torrent sites like Pirate Bay, Lime Torrents, and NYAA. Interestingly, most countries, including the United States, have not banned all these sites. Therefore, one can stream football or movies through these renowned torrent platforms.

5. Why is the 13373x site better than all other torrent sites?

Unlike all sites, 13377x uploads new movies and episodes on its platform daily. Additionally, it features a ‘Trending’ menu option that helps a user see the most popular shows. Aside from that, the platform has a ‘Full home page’ for online users. Lastly, it lists the most popular TV shows throughout the past week for free.

Finally, this site has nearly all the popular apps, such as Spotify and Photo Lab.13377x uploads new PC apps after every 24 hours.


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